The Levels Project

This is a residential complex with 125 apartments integrated with Loxone Smart Home Technology.

What makes it smart?

Lighting – Residents will be able to check the state of their apartment lights and control them via the app. While they are in the apartment the lights can be controlled via the Touch Switch

Shading – The Loxone Touch Switch does not only control the lights but can also provide control for the shading. Additionally with the use of Weather Station shading can be done automatically without the use of a switch.

Climate Control – When it come to heating and cooling with the use of the individual room functionality the temperature in each room can be set up according to the needs of the client.

Security – Residents of these apartments can be notified in the event of a smoke or fire through a visual alarm (lights on/off), blinds go up and a notification will be sent.

Future proof – With the selection of Loxone the residential complex is future proof which give the ability to the resident to enhance their smart home functionalities.

The projects displayed in this website are not carried out by PLOUCO. Those projects are work of other LOXONE partners. The knowledge and the know how of the displayed projects is shared and can implemented by PLOUCO as well.

The Levels
Apartment Automation
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