AYK Mandria Project

This residential project was designed by our partner AYK Architects. With whom we work together closely to ensure that the electrical design will adapt to the contemporary and high – end design of the residence. 

In terms of our electrical design we worked together with the architect and owner to ensure we meet the lighting and power needs of the project. In addition, our design aim to create a comfortable living experience by taking into consideration the user’s needs. Also, in our design we make sure to that future expansions or additions are considered. (i.e. Electric Vehicle charger)

For this project we are providing the following services:

– Electrical Design and Calculations

– Technical Specifications

– Bill of quantities

– Offer preparation and evaluation

– Site supervision

Images sourced from: AYK Architects

Mandria Project
Electrical Design & Calculations
Credits to Architect
AYK Architects