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Smart Home

At PLOUCO we offer a unique smart home automation solution. Our smart home systems provide a complete solution.

Home Automations

Provide smart solution for your new development of apartments. Where access and energy efficiency will be our main consideration.

Electrical Engineering
Design & Consultants

Quality design of your power, lighting and systems requirements for your project.

We offer quality design and consulting to our customers when it comes to start thinking of their new property or redesigning the existing one.

Since we are an engineering company we always strive to improve and educate our selfs. It is essential that we educate ourselves with the latest new in the industry. 

Attend trainings to acquire more qualification and enhanced our knowledge to provide the best possible results to our customers.

As a company we are sensitive with the environmental issues that our generation is facing.

Thus, we have decided to partner up with automation providers and be able to provide a complete solution to our customers either for new or existing buildings with the aim to help them save energy which effectively reduce pollution as well as customer costs.

Our motivation is to be able to deliver to our customers an end result that meet their needs with professionalism and quality.

Professional skills


Electrical Consulting


Home Automation Design

Constant improvement

Future Proof Designs


Smart Design

Team Work

We always deliver the best results
and we are proud of our work!