Tradition Julen Hotel

The hotel is 70 years old and was renovated in 2018 with Loxone which allowed many of the functionalities of the hotel to be automated.

What makes it smart?

Booking system – The existing booking system was integrated with Loxone. Information like the availability of a room were easily available and rooms could automatically set up according to their state (Occupied / Not Occupied)

Lighting & Climate Control – Lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can all be controlled via Loxone Touch or even the remote control of the TV.

Monitoring – A lot of the areas like pool, restaurant and room require monitoring. That can all happen through Loxone system and notify the staff to act. For example, the chloring levels in the pool.

Cleaning Mode – When the housekeepers enter a room for cleaning the triple tap Loxone Touch and activate the ‘Housekeeping Mode’ to help them do their job. The same time reception gets an update that the room is in ‘Housekeeping Mode’.

The projects displayed in this website are not carried out by PLOUCO. Those projects are work of other LOXONE partners. The knowledge and the know how of the displayed projects is shared and can implemented by PLOUCO as well.

Hotel Julen
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