Smart Winery

The wine production of the Winery had been automated with the use of Loxone. Processes, like the fermentation can now be controlled via Loxone system.

What makes it smart?

For Access Control to the nearby guesthouse the Loxone Partner installed an NFC Code Touch at the entrance. Thus, the owner does not need to be present every time the guests check in.Also, the guests can set up the room regarding lighting and climate to their preferences. Once they check out the room returns to default setting for the next guest.

Regarding the winery, fermentation process is not the only automated task. Loxone system takes care of the room temperature which is important for the wine vats. The elevator for the transfer of wine to the cellar is also embedded in Loxone system. In addition, the extractor fun in the kitchen is connected to the A/C system and switches on when the outside temperature is lower than a predetermined value.

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