Automated Wellness Pods

Loxone is not limited to smart houses only. In this case Loxone used to automate wellness pods in a sauna-like environment. Features, like heating ventilation and lighting.

What makes it smart?

Each individual WellPod have it own features that can be controlled independently. In each Pod there is a Touch Tree which start a session with the press of a button. At the same time the Temperature & Humidity is monitored.

With Loxone heating and cooling is controlled efficiently. The ventilation is connected to heating and cooling and with humidity considered the Pod is always adjusting its environment to be comfortable and enjoyable for the user.

Choose Loxone because...

It was the only solution which could implement all those features into one system. It was easy to integrate analogue sensors and add various controls via the extensions that Loxone provide. Finally, Loxone gives the flexibility of future expansion of the system.

The projects displayed in this website are not carried out by PLOUCO. Those projects are work of other LOXONE partners. The knowledge and the know how of the displayed projects is shared and can implemented by PLOUCO as well.

Heating, Ventilation, Lighting and more
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