Hotel Sonnhof: A Luxury Loxone Hotel

This project was carried out by a Loxone Partner with the goal to create distinctive atmosphere and a smart building that will be easy to manage.

What makes it smart?

Hotel Sonnhof have the following functionalities:

  • Lighting – Control of lights with the use of Presence/Motion sensors and DALI devices. Furthermore, there is a central control in place via a switch. Also, with a double tap a hotel room will light up for the cleaning.
  • Heating – The temperature is controlled by Loxone system to provide the perfect environment in relaxation rooms, shower and pool areas.
  • Pool & Ventilation – The plant room which takes care of ventilation and pool is integrated in the Loxone system. When there are issues with ventilation or pool (dosing etc.) then member of the staff will be notified through a push notification.
  • Emergency – When a guest is in need of first aid while in sauna an emergency call can be generated through the Miniserver to notify a first aid responder.

Choose Loxone because...

It was important to find a solution which can provide to the hotel staff a simple and easy control to the system through there smart devices. In common areas the use of switches was not a good solution for the client. Previous positive experience of the client with Loxone and the fact that the system is flexible and easy to use made it ideal for their project.

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Hotel Sonnhof
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